June Favorites


I liked a lot of stuff during the month of June! I liked the warmer weather, I liked the start of summer (read: I liked that it’s getting closer to my summer B-Day), and I also liked these things that I bought.

1: Captain America T-shirt

I’ve worn this every single week either in a full outfit or as a sleep shirt and I am living for it! If you’ve seen my Summer Haul, I believe that I mentioned that the Captain America movies are my favorite from the MCU. And now I get to wear my love for it!

2: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

I think it’s obvious that I love this mask. I have a review on it (which is also my first post on this blog!) and even went back and made a demo video with it. It’s fast, it’s fun, and I’m so excited to try out more Elizavecca products!


3: Wet n Wild MegaLast Salon Nail Color in Whipped Topping

I am 1000% here for white nails in the summer. Well, technically, I’m here for them year-round. They match with all your outfits, always look chic, and you never have to worry about them leaving a gross stain on your nails! And this one is opaque with just 2 coats! Is there anything better than that? Yes, but I’m sufficiently pleased with this $2 beauty anyway!


4: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Fired Up

Here is the result of the shopping anxiety induced from going to my local Ulta. No store stresses me out like Ulta and I always end up buying something pricier to validate my presence there (which in hindsight makes very little sense, but you better believe it’ll still happen in my next trip). Thankfully, I actually really enjoy it! It’s comfortable, true to color, and is decently priced at $12.

5: Eyelure Brown Crayon in No. 10 Dark Brown

I bought this because it was on sale, possibly because it may be discontinued! I’ll fill in my eyebrows with anything and this is now included in that “anything” list. With it my brows are filled in faster than they ever have and the product clings to the individual hairs and coats them, giving a more natural look. Is it the best pencil of life? Probably not, but it was $3 bucks and lasts all day.

6: The Birth of Korean Cool by Euny Hong

Sad fact about my life: this is the first book I’ve read and completed for fun in 4 years. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve even truly completed the books I was meant to finish for class. Regardless of that, this book is a recommended read from me if you’re interested in pop culture, other cultures, South Korea, or learning that before Samsung blew out your wallet with the Galaxy S7, they made poor attempts to do so with cars.

7: Soft Shorts

I love soft shorts. End of story.

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Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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Easy Accessory Storage

Whether you’re looking to store your outfit dazzlers inside of your tiny bedroom or your tiny college dorm room, here are my 3 easy, cute, and relatively inexpensive methods of accessory storage.


Number 1: A classic jewelry plate. I used to believe that these were overrated, but then I bought rings and bracelets and was suddenly in the need for one. The internet may have you fooled into believing that all cool storage items have to be expensive and overly complicated, but the great thing about jewelry plates is that they’re literally just plates. You can spray-paint a small plate you already have, pick up a chic white one from the Dollar Tree, or buy a pre-designed one from Forever 21 during a sale for $2.


Number 2: Hang it from the walls. I usually do this with necklaces and non-bangle wrist wear and it’s easy as pie. If the space is yours, you can get creative with cute push pins and hooks. If the space is not yours and has a fond appreciation for handing out fines, then just take advantage of Command Hooks (I’m partial to the clear kind). I recommend having no more than 3 necklaces per hook and doing a mix of thick and thin chains to keep things from getting too tangled.


Number 3: Anything is an accessory stand if you try hard enough. I like to use my lamp shade as a nesting area for my headbands and flower crowns. Not only does it jazz up the actual décor/furniture pieces. There’s really not too much to it!

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NYX Matte Bronzer


I’ve never been a huge fan of bronzers, but last year I decided to take the plunge and actually buy a one. I went to Ulta and picked up the darkest shade of NYX bronzer and hoped and prayed that it would show up on my skin without looking ashy or blending in. And low and behold, this has easily become one of the few beauty staples in my life!


These run for $9 and come in a sleek black compact with a magnifying mirror on the inside. It’s easy to open, stays closed, and will definitely shatter into 30,000 pieces if you drop it (I speak from sad experience). There are 5 shades to choose from on the NYX website, which gives a lot more options for different skin tones and undertones than most drugstore bronzer lines tend to offer.


I picked up the shade Deep Tan, which is described as a Deep Golden Brown. It adds just the right amount of warmth to my skin without looking overly red or orange and reminds me of the time I actually had a tan for a month. The formula feels a little powdery, though not chalky, and often kicks up some dust when I swirl my brush in it. This being said, you can never tell during application. It goes on smooth and blends all over the face and body like a dream. It also lasts all day on my face, so you can keep that sun-kissed glow into the night.

My recommendation for getting the most out of this product includes 3 things:

  • If you’re using a liquid foundation, give it a couple of minutes to settle into your skin before you put this on top of it.
  • Buy in person if possible. Whether you’re on the NYX site or on the Ulta site, the shades aren’t particularly true to color when online shopping.
  • Lock it in with a setting spray. If anything, it’ll give all of your face products a chance to dry together so everything looks a lot more seamless.

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3 Ways to Wear: Soft Shorts

softtshortsI love shorts! Growing up, my shorts options were very limited, leaving me still slightly intimidated by the thought of them on my form to this day, but I say it’s about finding a formula you love. Childhood me was afraid of drinking milk; the fix-it formula: drink it with cereal or chocolate chip cookies. Adult me is intimidated by shorts; the fix-it formula: wear soft shorts. Finding this simple formula has shown me a whole new world (no Aladdin required) of outfits that I previously wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing. In that spirit, I decided to style this pair I recently picked up and showed in a haul into 3 distinct looks ready for casual (and slightly less casual) occasions.

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Summer Beauty and Fashion Haul

Call me fiscally irresponsible, but I like to buy things. It’s honestly the worst form of pleasure in the world, but yet here I am bearing the fruits of my labor in this summer haul. I’ve hit up the Walgreens, the Walmart, the Ulta, the Amazon, and the Goodwill (all the places where I can pretend to be out of touch by adding “the” before the name)! And here are all of the things that I bought there.

I also bought the Wet n Wild Makeup Removing Towelettes, which I forgot to include in the video! That means that all of you lovely blog beauties, get an inside scoop that everyone else will miss out on and will receive a nifty little review later on!


Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation


I am a combination skin diva, but despite my face’s propensity for oil, I decided to try out a nice dewy glow for spring/summer. So here I am with the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation. I’ve already gone through a bottle of the matte formula and this was only $6 which led me into giving this luminous formula a go!


The packaging is very sleek and compact, with a twist-off cap that makes it perfect for travel. The downside it that the product itself is quite runny, but there is no pump on the bottle. During initial applications, I always ended up applying way too much because it would pour out way too much product. The best application of this product that I’ve found (separate from simply ordering a pump online) comes from dipping a cotton swab into the product, dotting it on your face, and blending it in with a sponge.100_5716

In terms of actual application, I would place this foundation in the medium coverage range. 1 layer gives me a light dusting over my dark spots and a second layer leaves a faint shadow of the marks. This personally does not bother me, but if you’re looking for something that’s really full coverage, I’d skip this. The main issue is that the product does look a bit cakey and unnatural on my face if I apply to much, but the packaging makes it hard to control the amount of product dispensed. When you do manage to get the perfect amount on your face, it feels very light-weight and looks incredibly natural. The issue lies in managing to get that perfect amount.

It also works best when paired with a pore-minimizing primer if your pores like to show your face like mine do. The foundation claims to be dewy plus “smooth” and I’m not sure whether or not smooth was meant to imply smoothing over pores, because it surely does not.

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5 Myths About Going Natural

I’ve been curly haired without a care for the past 2 years! Thus, I found it reasonable to present you all with 5 natural hair myths that did not become my reality!

  • The Fiction: Leave the relaxers behind, and you’ll see 6 inches of growth in a month.
  • The Real: My hair has grown (though shrinkage will always betray me), but not as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog and not completely due to it being chemical free.
  • The Fiction: All the combs my mom broke in my hair were a sign. Natural hair needs 3+ hours a day of TLC.
  • The Real: Any hair can be low or high maintenance. You are the master of your own hair routine destiny.
  • The Fiction: You’ll save so much money by not paying for relaxers.
  • The Real: Those nice smelling hair products most definitely are not free, but you can learn to budget and coupon.
  • The Fiction: Everyone does a big chop.
  • The Real: Not on my watch!
  • The Fiction: Your hair will be Instagram goals with amazing curls!
  • The Real: Social media will lie to you, my hair is not that long, and we all suffer from a bad twist out.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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