Winter Empties


My name is Liv and I love to cake my face with a whole lot of makeup products! I own way too much makeup and will probably continue to own way too much for the rest of my life. The problem is, when you own loads of mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeshadows it becomes wildly difficult to actually run through them. Fortunately, I am a trooper and a believer and I’ve done it. So here is my glorious beauty trashcan!


1. St. Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub: It smells great and helped me through many dull skin days and left my face feeling very smooth. The downside is that it was incredibly difficult to get the exfoliating bits off of my face, so I could only use it in the shower. Plus, I always got way too close to those beads getting in my eye. I liked it well enough, but probably won’t repurchase.

2. NYX Pore Filler Primer: If you aren’t a fan of primers with that silicone texture, you’ll hate this. Fortunately, I’m all about it! It’s great to use under my most exposing foundations. The only downside is that it’s so thick that it crumbles while coming out of the tube and smears into my black denim.

3. Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Setting Spray: I did a review on this product and, upon finishing it, I still think that it’s kind of blah. It didn’t extend the life of my makeup, though it did melt it together so I looked a lot less dry and crusty than usual when wearing it!

4. Elf Makeup Mist & Set: I enjoyed this product! Instead of just using it as a setting spray, I would also use it as a primer! It leaves the skin hydrated and a bit tacky. You just spray, add your foundation on top, and you’re good to go!


5. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo: I am a terrible naturalista. Hair masks? I’ve never heard of her. Oil treatments? I don’t know her. As a result, my hair is often fairly dry. I wouldn’t say this shampoo moisturized my hair, but it definitely didn’t dry it out like others have. It also left my hair and scalp squeaky clean!

6. Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara: This used to be my all time favorite mascara. Though it claims to volumize, I love that it still allowed for length and never clumped my lashes together!

7. Eyelure Definition No. 121 Lashes: These are some of my favorite lashes and I’m so sad to throw them out. They have are nicely balanced because they grow slightly longer and denser as they fan out. They’re also great at holding their shape which allows for easy application and multiple uses. If a thin band is your thing, you might want to skip over these bad boys.

8. Eyelure Exaggerate No. 145 Lashes: The downside of online purchases is that cameras provide no size reference. These lashes are relatively full, but not as dense as I had imagined. Even worse, they’re so long that they hit my brow bone when I open my eyes fully. If you like a lash that encourages a sultry and heavy-lidded gaze, these may be your friend. For me, they were definitely a hard pass.

9. Revlon ColorStay Foundation: This is the best foundation I’ve ever tried. It’s long wearing, they have a huge color selection, they have different formulas for different skin types, and it gives medium to full coverage. This is my second bottle and I’m currently 2/3 through my third.

10. NYX HD Photogenic Concealing Wand: My number one beef with this concealer  is that there isn’t enough of it in the tube! I loved this product and ran out so quickly. It leaves the skin looking healthy and hydrated, although it does crease. It blends like a dream and has left me wanting to throw all my LA Girl concealers in the trash.

11. Elf Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths: Are these the best cloths? Definitely not. Are they the best cloths I’ve ever tried at $3? Believe it! They aren’t very thick, but as long as I commit to rubbing my skin and lids in circular motions, I can take a full face of makeup off with one cloth in about 2-3 minutes. So while I can admit I’ve tried better, the price definitely keeps me coming back to these!

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January OOTW


January’s style theme: change! I experienced a change in my physical setting, a change in my everyday routine, and also a lot of changes in the weather that now require me to wear many layered pieces. Honestly, even Accuweather couldn’t help me last month. So join me in this 2 minute style journey and get a week in my life, told through my outfits.

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January Loves


January, you really tried me! From the end of my winter break to my school coming at me with ridiculously high textbook fees to Betsy DeVos, January brought me endless nonsense. Of course, I am still all about appreciating the little things. So, amidst all the drama and shameful happenings of the first month of 2017, here are some of the things I liked about it.

Elf Smudge Pot in Wine Not

I bought about 3 smudge pots about a year ago (insert elf haul link here), and have barely touched them ever since. I’ve occasionally used them for a glam wing or sturdy shadow base, but never gave them my full appreciation. Then I used this one while doing one of my bestie’s makeup for a formal and I was sold. They’re long wearing, pigmented, and give you some nice eye-candy with zero fallout!

Wet n Wild Mega Volume Plus Mascara


This mascara was originally everything I WASN’T looking to put on my lashes. I am a big fan of traditional wands, lengthening powers, and lashes so separated and plentiful that you’d think I’m wearing falsies. This does none of those things, so I have no clue why I bought it. None the less, its ultra black, layerable, and has been allowing me to give the voluminous route a try. While this is definitely not my forever look, I think volume lovers may rejoice with this purchase.

Blue Cropped Sweater


I like to shop my own closet. If you’re a “traditional” college student like I am and you’re balling on a budget, I recommend only bringing 1/2-3/4 of your wardrobe to school with. Then, when you go home you’ll be surprised with your at-home closet finds. I whipped this out over winter break, stitched the left sleeve back on (I genuinely need to stop shopping at Forever 21), and have been rocking with this sweater ever since. The weather in my area has been pretty hot then cold, then cold then hot, so this is a nice transition piece.



These sneakers are the product of a long-winded excuse about how I never go to the gym because I don’t have the right gear. So my dad decided to do me a favor and buy me some gear (thanks, Dad). They’d been collecting dust, so I decided to break them out for that athleisure aesthetic. Turns out they’re super practical! They got me through Memphis’s Women’s March and many late night cross-campus walks.

My Friends


Back in high school I did not have many close friends. It sounds a lot sadder than it really is, but I think the experience taught me not only to value my current friendships, but to always work on being a better friend. From discussions with my current friends about friendship (which I think we should have; any type of relationship should include a reflective component), I have realized what an important role they play in my life. They’re great soundboards for ideas I have, a constant pool for motivation, and keep me from staying holed up in my room binge-watching Shameless. Dear friends, ya’ll are the greatest. If you read this, then keep being great!

Alekseev Пьяное солнце


If I were to put together my current study jams playlist, it would literally just be this album. I had a final project for my Russian class that involved listening to some contemporary music, and came across the music video for the single “Пьяное солнце” and it changed me. I then found out that the whole album is on Google Play Music and I have been streaming it all the time! The title track is still my fave, but all the songs are good tunes that are a nice mix between poppy and chill.

What’s your January love?

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Monday Motivation: Learning Honor Like Zuko

I have been feeling a lot like Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Prince Zuko this past week. While I didn’t turn into a firebender grappling with whether or not I was going to complete my family’s wish of eradicating the last of the airbenders (this children’s show had very intense, real-world themes), I definitely relate to Zuko’s feelings of missing a key piece of self. And, in my own way, I have been following a misguided path to reclaim it.

I’m in the middle of project mode, from all avenues in life. I have expectations from work, from school, and from my extra-curriculars. Despite all of these attachments forged from my responsibilities, I’ve still managed to feel misplaced. I’ve felt inadequate. I have not felt enough.

About 90% of this stress is mental and only 10% is genuinely due to my lack of foresight and tendency toward procrastination. The anxiety I feel comes from this weight of expectations that I feel like I can never live up to, but in the midst of all of this I never stopped to question what I expect from myself. The issue is, I often conflate my own expectations for myself with those from other people. It’s like how Prince Zuko was always angry and unfulfilled, because his only expectations for himself were the expectations from his family. Well, my expectations were essentially just the expectations based on everyone else’s activities. I could never be fulfilled, because I had no true goals. I had no true expectations for me that were separate from the influence of others.

Then I did Yoga with Adriene’s Day 3 of Revolution Yoga, which is all about honoring yourself and where you are in the moment. I laughed at her video title first because:


But then I took the time of my midnight yoga session to actually reflect on my life and realized that I too had misplaced my honor. First of all, I placed honor and respect of self in the hands of others. Secondly, I had zero expectations that were genuinely from myself. It’s impossible to ever honor where you are in the moment, if you’re trying to match the plans that you believe others have for you. Chances are, you aren’t a mind reader, so you’ll never be able to gauge how you’re matching up to their desires. More importantly, self-respect, honor, and all that goodness starts within the self. If you don’t know yourself, then you’ll never be able to honor your self.

This Monday, I want to honor my present self. I want to spend time reflecting on what I want from myself, what I deserve from myself, and appreciating how far I’ve truly come.

Song Rec of the Week: Orla Gartland – Lonely People

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One Lovely Blog Award


I was recently nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by one of the coolest bloggers around, Chrissy from The Unabridged Sass! Her blog is full of life tales, beauty advice, stuff to make you LOL, rad food, and just all around awesomeness which is why you should all be following it as well! Thank you so much for nominating me, Chrissy!

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 people
  • Tell your nominees the good news!

7 Facts about Me:

  1. I’m obsessed with makeup and run a primarily beauty driven blog, but I actually was not allowed to wear makeup growing up! My mom let me wear it for prom and graduation, but my full face days did not begin until about 2 and a half years ago when I started college!
  2. I am a junior in college. I don’t think I really ever talk about school, but it’s my life outside this blog and I’m really glad that I get to go! I am a first-generation student, which is weird since a lot of my classmates’ parents have advanced degrees and what not, but if any of you are in the same boat, hit me up (or, if you’re in school at all)!
  3. Office supplies are my favorite! Every year I go wild buying notebooks, pens, paper, highlighters, and the like. I even designed my own planner this semester!
  4. I’m learning Russian! I taught myself the alphabet and small phrases independently, studied it for a year and a half at school, and now study through Mango Languages. The first thing I got good at saying was Я плохо говорю по-русски, which pretty much means that my Russian sucks.
  5. I have 0 resolutions for the new year.
  6. I am a tiny human being. Last I checked, I’m only 4’11” tall.
  7. Captain America: The First Avenger is my favorite movie. While I think The Winter Soldier is technically a way better MCU film, I love the campy nature of the first movie. Everything about it is so cheesy and corny and all around extra. From the costume, to the musical, and even the action scenes, this film does the most in the best way possible! It always lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down and I’ve seen it at least 10 times!

I nominate:

  • akachar: Charity is one of the most stylish people I’ve ever seen! She always manages to pair together outfits that give me serious outfit envy, but are actually doable if you want to steal her style. Plus, she churns out some great life inspiration posts and creates #WeekInMyLife posts which are lowkey my fave!
  • Courtenay’s Beauty Box: I would describe this as a life blog, but not a “lifestyle” blog, though I’m pretty sure at some point, Courtenay referred to it as more of a diary. In addition to doing everything from beauty posts to book reviews, she also gives reflections on her life that always leave me motivated to do better for myself and be just as introspective as she is in her writing!
  • Pretty Modest: Taylor has an amazing sense of style and always pulls together some of the cutest outfit combos I have ever seen (my current fave is cape and rainboots), while remaining true to herself and her values! She’s also the reason the mini Christmas tree in my apartment will be revamped to hold Valentine’s Day ornaments.
  • MAHALA: Beauty lovers rejoice and prepare yourself for some of the most honest product reviews and clean photography. She has reviews on a range of high end and affordable products, and does reviews on cult classics and brands I’ve never heard of before! Plus, she’s currently trying out sheet masks and some Korean beauty products, which you should all look out for!
  • Gabrielle Collected: This is another diary type blog that’s worth ya’ll’s time. There’s night routines, beauty routines, and a lot of college musings. Definitely another blog that understands the importance of self reflection and goal setting!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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