Spring Lip Kit


Spring is in the pollen filled aired and it is saying, “wear a bold lip, please!” In the spring I like to rock a lot more berry tones and brighter colors, paired with a simple face. It’s the fastest way to get all the drama I love without having to worry that all my hard work will melt away in the sun. Here is my spring-approved lip kit!


Left to Right: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick, Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lipstick, NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick, & Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipcolor

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Make A’s All Day: 5 Essential Tips for Living a More Productive Life

We are a people of many hats and only 1 head to wear them on. Learning to balance deadlines, commitments, and your own personal wishes is hard, so here are some tips to help you through it.


Craft Explicit & Affirming Goals

It’s easy to get lost going through the motions of life, especially if where you are now isn’t where you want to be. Set up goals to put you on the path to your dreamed future, or – if you don’t know what that future is – craft goals to be the best current you that you can be! It can be as simple as coming to work on time every day or making the Dean’s List. Be positive, be specific, and be realistic.

Plan, plan, plan

Some days there will be a million things that you have to do, but only 24 hours in the day. This is the time to prioritize and map your time out. Choose what tasks are most important to you, and which ones can be saved for later. Then, put it in writing to mark its permanence (and to give you a quick reference sheet)!

Practice timekeeping

Growing up, I used to miss the bus to school all the time. One day my dad said, “what do you do for an hour every morning?” and made me spend a week writing down everything I did and how long I spent doing it. Take a day to track your habits. You’ll learn when you wast time and how you waste it, so you can make relevant and alternative actions.

Craft a Motivational Playlist

Get hype! Checking items off your to-do list can be (semi)fun! Put together 5 tracks that get you pumped before jumping into a challenging activity or craft some chill beats that will offer a little ambiance while you work!

Take Breaks & Reward Hard Work

There is such a thing as working too hard. I recommend setting mini goals for your tasks and offering a reward in between. If I get through 3 chapters of a book, I might reward myself with a 5 minute YouTube video or take a stroll to go pick up the snack. Just make sure that your rewards and breaks are specific. If you just say, “I did a great job so I’ll go out somewhere,” there’s a chance that you may never come back.

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NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review


It’s a fun foundation Friday! Once again, I was attracted to a non-traditional formula and picked up the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation from Ulta! With 1 drop you can get close to embracing that “Alicia Keys natural look” and with 3-4 drops you can go full “Beyonce on tour glam.” They retail for $13.99, which is – in my most honest opinion – very pricey for the drugstore. Thankfully, I was fully willing to make the $14 sacrifice in the name of science and letting you all know if you should join me on this drop adventure too!

Today we cry about: The formula is very thin and watery, but whether or not it spreads well definitely depends on your blending tool, especially if you’re going for lighter coverage (I recommend a blending sponge or a soft, flat top brush). It’s also super easy to use too much because of the formula, which leaves me looking greasy, yet with all my dry patches revealed. When this foundation works, it looks flawless. When it doesn’t work… well, you can take all the texture in the photo above as a cautionary tale.

Today we rejoice: The product claims to give a demi-matte finish with adjustable coverage, which it does – provided you apply it correctly. It lasts for a good 4 hours before I get a “natural glow” and at about the 8 hour mark is when I turn into a luminous queen. All my products blend into it well and it doesn’t emphasize my pores. The biggest plus is the huge shade selection. There is literally something available for everyone, though many of the deeper shades are online exclusives.


Overall, this is a good foundation; I just don’t think it’s worth $14. The coverage truly is adjustable and it’s very long-wearing, but you get so little product (0.43 oz), it shows my dry patches, and there are cheaper drugstore foundations that perform similarly, if not better. I wasn’t particularly wowed, but it is a fun product to use and it’s ultra travel friendly!

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You Should Be Listening: Liv’s Podcast Roundup

Whether you’re walking to work, working out, or looking to hear something other than your loud neighbors working your nerves, podcasts are the perfect companion! In case you have no clue what a podcast is (I won’t judge – we’ve all been late to a trend), a podcast is a bit like television for your ears or talk radio. People from around the world may tell you about history, give you the 411 on pop culture news, drop you with some daily motivation, or share stories about their life. There’s a podcast for everyone, and here are 3 of my current faves!

Who? Weekly


This is the podcast for everyone who has ever heard someone go on about the controversy of some supposed famous person and could only think, “Who?” Learn about the adventures and drama of all of your (soon-to-be) favorite B-list celebrities with hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber. It’s the funniest way to start your morning and will leave you wishing you could end every conversation with a swift, “Good form, Bella Thorne!”

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text


The magical world of Harry Potter is endless! In this podcast by Vanessa Zoltan, Casper ter Kuile & Ariana Nedelman, you don’t just relive the books, but use them to explore deeper themes that relate to everyone’s life. The episodes follow the chronological order of the books, bring a new chapter each week to discuss concepts such as loyalty, sanctuary, shame, and responsibility. Use it to reflect on life or as a new way to remember a great book series!

Call Your Girlfriend


Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow describe CYG as, “A podcast for long distance besties everywhere.” Each week they recap life, politics, feminism, pop culture (they love Kim K), and protest. It’s a great way to learn about getting more politically involved or to simply put on and pretend that they’re your besties too!

*If 3 podcasts isn’t enough to choose from, visit my post from last summer to check out 3 more!

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Holy Grail Lipsticks for Dry Lips

My lips are cracked like peanut brittle! Lipstick application is a struggle and most products only last a maximum of 2 hours on my lips. Whether its a matte, satin, or gloss finish, nearly every lip product seems to have the world’s strongest beef with my mouth.  It takes a truly brave and fierce lipstick to stand up to these lips and here are the products that have passed the test!


Ulta Matte Lip Creams


Hands down, the best product for my dehydrated lips! The formula is ultra creamy, but it doesn’t stay wet or tacky. It’s also kind of moisturizing! I often throw one on when I’m having a dry lip day and just apply a second coat to my lips if they start to feel a bit crusty later on. Plus, Ulta is always almost running a sale of some sort, so the $9 price tag is fully debatable.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams


These aren’t very long lasting, but if you’re looking for matte vibes that won’t kill your lips, this is it .They’re super great to blend into other lip shades. The main downside for me is that they aren’t super buildable. Fortunately, the ultra comfortable formula makes that something I can overlook.

NARS Lip Pencils


This is the most expensive item on the list, but they are some of the best products I’ve used. I’m generally not a fan of satin finishes, because they often exaggerate my flakiest spots and clump up in my lip valleys, but these don’t do that! Whether I’m using a velvet matte or a satin pencil, they all go on smooth and last a long time. Best part: the fact that it’s a pencil gives me the most precise application of my life!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks


I did a review on these last year and described the application as similar to putting on lip balm. Here I am in April, continuing to stand by that claim! They’re a bit pricey for a drugstore product ($12 at Walgreens & Ulta), but completely worth it. My lips didn’t become obnoxiously dry while wearing them, and it fades out throughout the day, so you never have a moment where you look like a patchy fool!

Elf Luscious Liquid Lipsticks


This formula is a bit of a cheat addition, because they are not true liquid lipsticks. I think of them more as a gloss. They leave a nice amount of color on the lips and only cost $1! I use them on my driest lip days for a nice tint with a subtle metallic glow (which is very on trend for Spring 2017). They are the ultimate lipstick hater’s best friend!

This is the top lineup from my current lipstick collection, so definitely feel free to add all of your recommendations down below as well!

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