Summer Lip Kit

My summertime lipstick vibes are on two different levels: fiery shades and nudes.


I’m already a huge fan of red lips. They’re classic and bold and embody everything I want people to think when they see me, regardless of if it’s actually a true representation of my personality or not. During the summer, I expand my reds to include more coral and orange infused tones to really grasp the flames behind my leo soul.


Of course, summertime is when I enjoy a lot of lipstick ruining foods. The greasy burgers, quickly melting popsicles, ultra saucy BBQ, and lip-staining fruits galore are all the demise of my lipstick. Add in the fact that I have incredibly dry lips and you get the explanation for my nude lip revival. They’re easy to apply and blend out once you ruin the center part mouth with food. Even better, if you decide to wipe it all off after a mere 2 hours… well, no one will really notice.


What’s in your summer lip kit?

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$6 Face: Elf Bronzing Palette

I have been bamboozled, betrayed, and led astray by this palette. My love for a bronzed face has grown immensely over the past two years. Sometimes I want a more chiseled face and other times I want to trick strangers into believing that I love the outdoors. All of this led to my decision to purchase Elf’s $6 Bronzing Palette and the following devastation when I found out that it was a complete flop!


Let’s Have a Sob Circle: I knew I was going to be in for a rough ride the moment I opened this palette up. On the packaging, the shades in the palette appeared fairly deep. Furthermore, while the palette I bought at the store was called “Bronze Beauty,” online it is actually listed as “Deep/Dark.” This is a complete lie. Only one of these shades is dark enough to show up on my face as an actual bronzing shade and only after I have put on multiple layers. Let it be known that I am not the deepest person on the planet and if you’re making a bronzing palette that barely works for me, then you’re doing it wrong. And if you even begin to think that a palette like this can be called Deep/Dark, then you definitely need to do some inward reflection.


Not only was the shade selection a bust, but I am so confused by the formulation of the shadows. The bronzing shades are chalky and weakly pigmented. I feel like I have to dig my brush into my pan to pick up a decent amount of product. I’ve only used it about 5 times and I already have a dip in my bronzing shade from using so much.


There is Some Hope: The highlighting shades in this palette are fairly decent. One of the shades gives a soft natural glow – which I’m a huge fan of – and the other can get you more of that glam look. They are honestly the saving grace of this collection. The cherry on top is that the packaging is really smart. It’s sleek, travel-friendly, and comes with a huge mirror. More importantly, all of the shades pop out and can be swapped with colors from other elf bronzing, blush, and contour palettes. So, even though I think the actual bronzing shades are terrible, I can always replace them with blushes that work well!


At the end of the day, I only recommend buying this product if you’re interested in swapping the shades to create your own custom palette. The quality is inconsistent and the shades you see online and on the box are not true to the actual colors. Of course, this does have a 3.7 out of 5 star rating on the elf website so I know some people are living for this palette – I’m just not one of them.

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5 Steps to Stunning Eyeshadow

Whether we’re talking creasing lids, oily skin, or the “barely there” product, there are so many ways that your eyeshadow can fail you. Thankfully, I’ve got some cool tips to help prevent a bad shadow day! Stay flawless, friends!


Prime Like You’re at Home Depot


Primer isn’t just for painting walls. It’s the glue for your shadows, and the barrier that keeps oil from seeping through (shout out to all fellow #OilyRoyalty individuals). I recommend the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer if your bank account is booming or a flesh toned ColourPop SuperShock shadow if you’re feeling more thrifty!

Keep it Base(ic)

If you are an eyeshadow fanatic like I am, there’s no way to avoid that one shadow that’s pretty in pan, but fairly lackluster on the lids. Bring the color out by putting a cream base underneath. Go for one that’s the same shade as your lid shade, white, or black. Keep it old school with a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil or use a cream shadow.

Try Out Some Shapewear

This is my trick for sharper wings or a cleaner shadow line all together. Use tape (or hold up a business card) to trace a winged angle from the outer corner of your eye to the tail of your brow. This can help visually lift the eyes and keep your shadow from looking too messy. It’s also great for cat eye beginners, since you get a smooth line every time!

Make it Misty


Even your worst setting sprays can bring more pigment out of a shimmery shade. Hit your brush up with a spritz of setting spray or two to get it nice and damp, then dip into your shadows. They’ll be way more pigmented and metallic. Your lids will literally shine as bright as your personality!

Get Handsy

Brushes are nice and everything, but – if it isn’t a matte pressed powder – it probably applies better with your fingers. I like to give a good old finger tap to the center of my lid if I want to add some shine to an all matte look or use my pinkie to get a precise inner corner highlight. This is especially helpful with cream products, that may smooth out under the warmth of your fingertips!

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